It seems like only yesterday that Minecraft was the one game I wanted to play day in and day out. I remember looking forward to watching my favorite YouTubers update their Let’s Plays with new episodes which would inspire me to create my own. I remember launching our Minecraft server and getting this community started with forums, staff ranks, etc… What the hell happened???

These are just my thoughts. I’m not writing this blog to provide an answer, make an announcement or report on any big scandalous stories in the Minecraft community. Today I’m simply reflecting.

One of the biggest issues we had when running our Minecraft server were the updates. An update to the game meant an angry server community who would eagerly await out server to update. We were never on time with these updates thanks to outdated plugins that we required to run a successful public server. I always told the guys “Man… I just wish we could have 1 version of Minecraft for a long ass time so we can actually SETTLE IN to a new map…

Then came 1.8. The current version of Minecraft that just so happened to be the one that scared away all of the Bukkit community. Ironically, the same, long-lasting version of Minecraft I always wanted, or so I thought…. It’s clear to me that this is what’s killed the game for all of us. Not just this community, but the Minecraft community as a whole. Now instead of trying to find ways to solve this problem and get a public server online again, I’d much rather find a new game to show you guys.

Of course we’re all playing something, but it’s not much of a community when we’re not playing the same things. As the founder of this community I feel like it’s my duty to bring us all back together in one place. Now the question is, where will that place be?

I recently started playing SkySaga . It’s currently in Alpha 4 and totally free to play. All you need to do is sign up and wait for them to accept your application. It’s only available in the US and UK at this time and there’s no way for us Americans to play with our friends accross the pond. However, I’m sure future updates will bring the game to more countries and work to let the players enjoy the game with their friends around the world. Once that happens, and if SkySaga remains free or affordable, I think it could really take a lot of my time just as Minecraft did before it. If it does take up that much of my time, I think that’s where I would like to take you guys next.

I talked about doing this in and I think people here were pretty much on board with that idea. I mean, how could you not be? It’s a free, Minecraft-like MMORPG. I don’t think the signs get any clearer than that!

I’ll be keeping up with Minecarft as they transition into 1.9 and it will always hold a place in my heart and this community. Still, I think a big change is on the horizon. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments. 🙂