A few weeks ago I wrote about how our community got started in Minecraft and where we are now. I talked about us coming together to pick a new game to rally around in an effort to get a real community feeling back to our… Well… COMMUNITY! After spending even more time dwelling reflecting on my past mistakes, I think I’ve come to a conclusion…

In the Past…

It has never been easy for me to take charge and make a decision that effects multiple parties. For example, have you ever been out with your family or friends trying to figure out where to get dinner? We’ve all seen this, right? “Where do you want to eat?” “I don’t know, I’m up for anything.” “Well I’ll seriously go anywhere just pick something!” . . . I’m that guy. I don’t want to decide where everyone eats! What if they don’t like it? What if they have a bad meal? That’s on ME! I did that! AAHH! That’s too much pressure, I can’t…. I WON’T!  YOU decide where we go to dinner.

That same attitude is how I’ve always run this community. We use to call it the Vortac Community. Who’s “Vortac”? That’s me, I’m Vortac. We all met and started playing Minecraft because I wanted a server where people who watched my videos could join me in the game itself. That was probably the last big decision I ever made for this group… Minecraft.

So now that I’m finally ready to admit that Minecraft is something I’m over, why then am I leaving the next game in everyone else’s hands? “Hey guys, should we play SkySaga or Ark? I’ll let you decide, even though I clearly like Ark better.” You see what I mean? For years I’ve been going about this all wrong. That’s why today I’ve finally figured out how I’m going to handle things from here on out…

Time for a Real Change

This is a community of people that game together because of me. Yes, I had help setting it all up, and yes those who helped me deserve praise and recognition. However, I’ve learned that these things only do well when somebody is willing to take charge. So that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do.

My next game is Ark: Survival Evolved. I’ll be making videos on Ark, I’ll be playing Ark on a community server, and I’ll be talking about Ark for some time to come. If you want to join me in Ark, you’re more than welcome to! If you and your friends use our forums or Team Speak to play something else, I won’t stop you. In fact, I encourage it! Play what you want and use our resources to do it, please! My focus though, is Ark. I will no longer be asking for a community vote that determines what game I’ll be playing. It never works with YouTube videos, so why would it work here?

There are a lot of changes coming soon. For one, we’re dramatically changing the format of the podcast. YouTube videos I do will be different as well. My goal is to get back to the way things use to be. We hit a good stride a couple of years ago when we were all playing Minecraft together. We were able to grow a server and do all sorts of amazing things with it. I want that back! If some people stay behind and keep playing Minecraft then that’s awesome!

I’ll never make everyone happy. I think that adopting this new outlook on things is the first step to ensure my happiness, though. As the founder of this community, I would say that my happiness is an important first step to growing this into something amazing.