feliciadaybookcover Today I’m bringing you all a book review. You might be asking, “hey Ice, what the heck is a book?” Books are those things you download to your kindle app on your phone and read late at night, straining your eyes to no end. But enough of my funny stuff, on with the review!

The book I’m reviewing today is called “You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)”, written by Felicia Day. For those of you who don’t know who Felicia Day is (honestly, do you internet? How are you even reading this?) she’s a super funny lady who’s claim to fame is writing, producing, and starring in the uber popular web series called “The Guild.” If you’ve ever been addicted to World of Warcraft like me (or still are) then this show, and this book are for you. Check out the show here! http://www.watchtheguild.com

As you maybe can already tell, this review may be semi pandering, as I adore this woman immensely (My wife is okay with this, because she is convinced Felicia and her are destined to be besties). Now, with all that being said, I still believe it’s a worth while read, even for those of you who aren’t fan or don’t know who Felicia Day is (seriously, are you a recluse?).

There are two big factors that make this a great read. The first is that it’s super funny. The second is that it’s super relatable. First, lets talk about funny. If you didn’t already know, Felicia is a pretty quirky girl (lady? Woman? Personal pronouns, amirite?). If you’ve ever heard her talk, you know she speaks a mile a minute. In one sentence,  she will make a joke about the subject, her self, and whoever she is with. And this book is no different. It’s chock full of similar wit. Her quirky humor permeates this book almost throughout. Let me be fair, when she is serious she is serious. But she really knows where to put those knife-point jokes to really hurt your sides.

Next, and more importantly, this book is really relatable. It’s especially relatable, I think, if you are of a certain age (Felicia is 5 years older than me). Those of you who remember the early days of online gaming will be interested to hear of Felicia’s tales. She actually met up with some of her online gaming friends! That seems pretty awkward to me, though my first gaming friends were on Neopets, so that would be a super awkward meetup. This book is also relatable if you’ve ever been very addicted to a game, especially an MMO. Felicia regales us with tales of her endless nights playing WoW. I know a few people like this. Even I have fallen prey to the pull of online gaming!

Overall, I think this was a great read. I’m not going to give in a star rating, or a rating out of 10, or even a metacritic score or any of that nonsense. But I will tell you this: read the book!
To find out more about Felicia Day’s book, visit http://www.feliciadaybook.com!