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    It has been brought to my attention that our old domain (which I won’t be posting but I’m sure many of you remember) was turned into a porn website. Now although this is hilarious and I myself was making jokes on Twitter last night, the consequences of this could be very serious. My fear is that if my videos get abuse reports for linking to a porn website, I could lose my YouTube channel.

    Now I’m already working very hard to get ahead of this thing but it’s going to take me awhile. I’ve attempted to contact YouTube two different ways. First I sent an email to [email protected] . Then I wrote on the YouTube feedback form which is located at the bottom of every page on YouTube after clicking “Help.”

    Speaking of help, I’m hear to ask for yours… If anyone could give me any advice and perhaps a better way to contact YouTube about this, that would be awesome. Even if I remove every single trace of the old domain from my video’s descriptions, I still talked about it A LOT in some almost all of my older videos. I’m wondering if the description links to a new website, is that enough??

    Even if I contact YouTube and don’t get a response, that should be enough to help me if I ever do need to fight them for the removal of channel black marks. I’ll have emails in my outbox to point to and say “Look, I emailed you months ago about this and you ignored me.”

    I even went so far as to contact the old host of my domain. Although they can’t do anything about it, their advice was to contact YouTube. They even helped me find the [email protected] email which was pretty cool of them. They also told me that the site is owned by someone in Russia. So it’s probably not a viewer trying to troll me. Probably.

    Let’s hope this issue is not as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be. If anyone here has any tips for me though, I would greatly appreciate it!


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    I don’t know if yer with a network, but I know specifically that the Mindcrack network has good connections. If yer with a network still, ask thru them. If yer not, pretty sure the Mindcrack one is no contract. Might be possible to pop in to use their services then leave if you don’t want to stay in. If YouTube can’t do anything to help you take it out of the descriptions, they could at least get u a response.

    Other than that, maybe private all the old vids while you fix em? Would keep you from getting strikes I assume.

    A more risque way of going about this would be to pay *cough* in nemos *cough* someone to go thru all the videos and change description, and add cards or annotations to all videos that you possibly mention the old address. That’s pretty out there and would require a temp pass change but hey it’s an option! :3

    P.S. Is there still a bulk editor? That might be useful if you haven’t tried that.

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