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    At the time of writing this I’m not sure weather to leave it as a topic for a future podcast, put it in “Gaming Central”, or in the “off topic” section of the forums… but I would love to have it talked about. What are some of the biggest “let downs” boss mechanics in video games? Do you hate it when a sudden unexplained plot device defeats it? Is that worse than a countdown you have to survive during against an impossible boss? What games have let you down the most with their final boss? Thank you!

    Personally…. give me anything, ANYTHING, over a quick time event boss.

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    Yes quick time event bosses are the worst, the culmination of everything you have gone through, every skill you have picked up and all the strategies you have learned, all thrown out for a series of button presses only just worthy of ‘Simon Says’. You can quote me on that.

    Other Final boss fight mechanics, and any boss fights in general, I have problems with are: Jumping out of the way at the last second; the boss being just a big regular guy; boss sending in waves of henchmen; obvious weak spots so you don’t have to think for yourself.

    I’m sure I could think of more but all I really need to say is look at the boss fights in Batman Arkham Asylum. It was a really good game but not because of the boss fights.

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    I love that you took the time to post this in the podcast section. I would love to see more suggestions on what sorts of topics we could discuss on the show! I’ll present this to the co-hosts! 🙂


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